Dylan Clancy

Maggie Leandre

Kai-Lee Worsley

Andrew Matthews


"Maestro of Magic"

"Director of Astonishment"

"The Voice of Reason"

Dylan is a recent University of Western graduate, having spent time in Astrophysics, Business, and English. The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before, it's time we adapt the model for 'doing good' to be more sustainable, and to better fit the world we see today.

"Thinker of Deep Thoughts"

Kai-Lee is driven to change the world by positively impacting it through the use of visual arts and social media. By spreading awareness of the difficulties we face as a planet, a society, and as individuals, Kai-Lee has created a way to reach millenials and save the planet with an app. 

Maggie found her voice and passion through youtube, and since then has been a leader for the online space. Her mission is always do better, give more, be better as a business person and human being. She is convinced that together we can make a difference.

Andrew grew up in Toronto, he witnessed first-hand the impact of the often-ignored hunger problem in Canada. Back in Toronto now, he's ready to stop telling people and begin solving it.  He believes our point of difference is that 'everyone wins more than they put in' through our app.